Xiaomi Youpin Haylou Solar LS05 Smart Watch Sport Metal Round Case Heart Rate


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Main Features:

● The ingenuity of design within reach

Nordic minimalist design interpretation of the Solar attitude of the trend. Smooth lines, creating a unique sense of movement and a sense of youth; shaped as the name suggests, like the sun dazzling arc metal body, eye clinics, are all your outstanding light.

● TFT high-definition screen brightness

Regardless night light, fiber cents, 1.28 inch TFT high definition screen brightness, rich colors and delicate, real and vivid picture. Or in the night, sweeping both the content in bright light, details clearly visible.

● Innovative nano silicone wristbands

Breathable and comfortable to wear without the burden of a long, flexible silicone wristbands, through innovation nanometer light waves polarization treatment, comfortable, breathable, even if the sweat can remain comfortable wearing experience, equipped with adjustable perforated design, can match different wrist, long wear no burden.

● Cool the metal block

Tough lightweight, improve the overall texture and hardness, the integration of a circular mirror, crystal clear, smooth feel. High-gloss plating body, with time, scratch abrasion.

● Wanton reckless movement

Up to 12 selectable sport mode, power consumption during exercise is not disturbed, without fear sweat dripping or splashing rain, enjoy the ideal life movement.

Sport mode: outdoor running, walking, cycling, climbing, spinning, yoga, indoor running, rowing, gymnastics, basketball, soccer, free training

12 kinds of professional sports mode, so that movement more efficient and safer way to change the blind movement, 12 professional sports mode switch blossoms, you can according to their needs, select the appropriate scientific planning exercise time and intensity of the exercise program. Lift wrist visible real-time motion data, the whole exercise state control, so that movement more with less.

● 30 days standby lasting, farewell electricity anxiety

High-performance lithium battery, lasting life. 1 charge can stand for 30 days under the opened state of the circadian heart rate, you may be accompanied by 15 days. When the power is low, but also an intelligent reminder to travel no longer disturbed by power, Explore the wonderful world!

● IP68 waterproof

Daily waterproof impeccable, watch based on IP68 waterproof rating standards, which can effectively prevent sweat or rainwater splashes to meet the daily water needs, wear more at ease.

Note: Please. Water stains to dry before you start working, to extend the service life of the watch.

● Monitoring accuracy and then break to make evidence-based health tracked

High precision motion sensor pedometer is also a rangefinder, in order to follow your pace, watch high-precision motion sensors, continuous optimization positioning algorithm, intelligently avoid signal interference, real-time accurately record your number of steps, distance and calories activities consumption.

● Science-based sleep management of big data, in-depth analysis to help you fall asleep soundly

Based on the refinement of big data, we developed a more scientific management system sleep. When the sensor is in contact with the wrist, you can learn to sleep through body movement frequency, with the APP, detailed records of sleep time, sleep quality, help you sleep more intuitive understanding of the details, develop healthy sleep habits.

* Test data and results for reference only, not for diagnostic and therapeutic basis.

● All-day continuous heart rate monitor, always pay attention to heart health

Built-in optical sensor heart rate, heart rate equipped mainstream smart algorithm, then small changes can accurately sense. 24 hours of continuous monitoring of heart rate, to help you understand your heart, prevent potential heart problems at any time to adjust the exercise time and heart rate according to the amount of exercise.

● Smart APP “Haylou Fit” real-time synchronization, every time you change the record

After the previous generation of big data optimization and application development, improve the user experience at the same time, “Haylou Fit” APP can be more accurately synchronized record your heart rate, number of steps, sleep and other data, to see at a glance, to witness every moment of subtle changes.

● Multiple language notification

The Global Version operating language is English.

But it can display different languages of notifications, such as Japanese, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese (temporarily not support Arabic and Thai)

Xiaomi Youpin Haylou Solar LS05 Smart Watch Sport Metal Round Case Heart Rate

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