Solar Light 1000 Watts Outdoor Solar Lamp Powered Sunlight Street Light for Garden Decoration

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1.Solar panel: (1 pcs) 12-48W.
2.Material: Aluminum + iron.
3. Waterproof level: IP:66-67.
4.Operating mode: Remote Control.
6.Install way: Screws.
7.Switch: Remote Control.
9. Battery: *3.7V 4000-45000 mAh ,lithium battery.
10.line length:5M.
11.Control:1 pc.
12.Screws:1 pc.
13.User manual:1 PC.
14. Service time: It can discharge for 20 hours continuously .
15. Warranty period: 1years.


1.High 20% conversion rate solar panel and 4000-45000 mAh Built-in battery ensures enough lectricity for rainy days.
2. Powered by sunlight, no need wire and electrician; No need change battery frequently, save lots on electricity bills annually!
3. Easy Install : Heatproof and waterproof make it perfect for outdoor porch, pathway, patio, garden, deck, driveway, backyard and etc.
4. which can be installed freely in different places.

6 Modes Conversion:

Mode 1.3H: Automatic shutdown after 3 h.
Mode 2.5H:Automatic shutdown after 5 h
Mode 3.8H: Automatic shutdown after 8 h
Mode 4 :Light remain mode
Mode 5:lncrease the light
Mode 6:Reduce the light

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