Solar Air Conditioner * Solar power system air conditioner for home

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Solar Air Conditioner DC power 9000BTU Solar power system 48vdc solar air conditioner for home

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Specifications of Air conditioner
* DC variable frequency air conditioner 1HP
* Cooling Capacity: 9000/2.5(BTU/KW)
* Low-Standby-Power: 5W
* Rated Input Power: 0.69 KW
* Rated Power Supply: DC48V
* Operating Voltage Range: DC 42-58V
* Room Area: 10–17 (㎡)
* Circulating Air Volume: 550 m³/h
* Rated Current: 5.87A-12.5A
* Inlet and Outlet Temperature Difference: ≥10℃

Specification of solar system

* Solar Panels: 640W.Poly 160W/36V*4pcs;1480*680*35mm standard silver frame . Specification is 2*4 square wire with MC4 connector;
* AGM Battery: Solar Deep Cycle Battery 12V/65AH*4PCS Lead-Acid ,discharge rate: 10H, monthly self discharge less than 2%, allow working temperature Range -20°C~+55°C
*Solar Controller : DC24V-48V/30A (automatic recognition), single 30A, with overcharge, over discharge, over current, overload protection, short circuit, side charge, lightning protection and other functions;
* 6mm2 cables: 7m.
Product Parameters

Name air conditioner Capacity solar system solar controller
1hp DC solar air conditioner 9000BTU, room area 10-17m2 160w/18v*4pcs, lead acid battery 65ah12v*4pcs 30A48V
1.5hp DC solar air conditioner 12000BTU, room area 18-23m2 160w/18v*6pcs, lead acid battery 150ah12v*4pcs 30A48V
3hp DC solar air conditioner 24000BTU, room area 33-51m2 320w/36v*4pcs, lead acid battery 200ah12v*4pcs 50A48V

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Solar Air Conditioner * Solar power system air conditioner for home

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