Outdoor Waterproof Lights Tape Lighting String Led Lights Flasher Lamp Set Led Solar Lamp Decoration … #2499-Matthew

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outdoor waterproof lights tape lighting string led lights flasher lamp set led solar lamp decoration lamp


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note : the following information is for reference only . please contact the seller to get the detailed information .



10led ipl small ice bar 199
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holiday , new year , friend immediately in beautiful lighting dress your home ~ oh

solar lights for you modern the night gleamed home . solar power , no need plug in , all day light zero electricity bill also for indoor use ok as long as solar panel to put the sun huaidan . the day solar receiving sustained , night light none without automatic bling 8 hours above special design outdoor , can water resistant anti exposure , even the rain and snow weather also don’t frost influenced . you can be inserted in bonsai in , balcony on , windows of railings on or decoration room and private garden


main material for pp material glue pieces + ps transparent pieces , solar for 50 * 35mm , 10 a led colorful lights spur ca 30cm . pie-tail ca 1.5 meters . dangxiang ( four torch about 17cm pie-tail ca 2.8 meters around ) , total length of about 4.5 meters around   product single heavy : ca 0.15kg





common Troubleshooting
if solar lights at dusk can’t automatically open , check the following respects :
1 )   check switch in the ldquo . open rdquo .
)   check battery fully : accumulator a check ) solar lights position , order to solar panels can absorb the maximum strength ‘s collineation light . b ) in cloudy or rainy day , battery in daytime don’t to supply . accumulator need in sunny day fully to ensure the night accumulator adequate lighting time .
3 )   away from others light source : if solar lights Streetlight be placed in the , corridor lights such as light source near , inbreeds sensor ‘ll automatic make sun-burner closed . in this case , you can lamp adjacent , or will solar lights vacate the their .
4 )   finish is the above steps after , in the night or a dark room check the solar lights . if the lamp bright but doesn’t last long , show that inadequate . battery switch dial to ldquo . shut rdquo . make solar lamp in the sunlight charge at least 6 hours . then to ldquo . open rdquo . such a lamp can be in the evening automatic light .
keep solar panels clean , don’t by particles and snowflake etc contaminative .


book shop manufacturers providing service wholesale , ganlin oem odm / , the price is very have a predominance !

also at the same time to undertake special specifications special led light beads !

to our life environment , for our health , to the next generation , please use eco-friendly solar products . and the product is more green services and strong flag of endurance

inhabiter , love life , you will become more imperfect !

at last i wish you taobao pleasant !



eximination buyers

Userdata detail read and understood us before you buy protocol , buyers and sellers tacitly will have a happy shopping !

solar lighting string is the depend on the solar battery in daytime light into electricity store in

lamp within the rechargeable battery inside , night dark wait for , top solar panel photosensitized ‘ll induction , make a lamp lit .

this kind of the lamps suitable for the courtyard , garden , christmas tree decoration with , no need wiring , without cumbersome installation , can be put on outdoor ,

daytime automatic charge , night automatic light .

top tip

first used before , please placing collineation sun at least 6 hours , battery so that can fully accumulator . then will switch button analysted in ldquo . open rdquo . .

such as the lost , night to such as problems , contact we , we will be the first time as the biggest company for effort to help you solve .

receive the package after , userdata express of tallying the parcel number , disirous damage , if problems contact us promptly , if you have sign for , so matter from company claim or taobao rules rules look claim , we are not in responsible , thank you for your support and understanding

1 , don’t accept barfs price run-down to the lowest don’t depreciate !

2 , see the whole description any enquires may momentarily consulting the shopkeeper , patiently ‘s help you !

3 , malicious receiving in bad rating of Mike !

book shop quality problem approbate   middot .   consignee notandum need   middot .   return goods specific rules   please read the shop argin ‘s home page ( buyer notice )

of dulcify shopping the environmental imperative buyer of the skinis , noriko , trust , all will become simple . book store most efforts is you 100% satisfied ~ ~



book shop didn’t hair , buy before whether there is to , none to please choose ems according to the actual charge

the product is lamps , some are glass products , we are in the packaging deplete the time is very big , to all thickening packaging , if you want to send the word , jiangsu and shanghai to pieces general from small is oversized 6 to 20 yuan , others region 19kg proximo-distal according to , polyphone 10 yuan 12 yuan 15 yuan per kg totted , this shop didn’t support flat mail ! by the customer ( except shop information explicitly and stage commodity ) if big size heavy weight product slightly expensive , can with the shopman consultation !

we will according to the actual charge , will the guest travel delivery ( special cases , such as rural areas , because of solar products contain battery belong to the dangerous goods range can’t walk airfreight , we will company in accordance with the reasonable full law delivery )

goods tracking and , if you do not clear ‘s friend , can help inform the shopkeeper ( goods arrive for companies , , for different , please don’t vexation . general 4 days arrive . ems general 3 – 7 days . )

if any question anotherproduct , buyers need to offering back expenses ( is our needs us responsible , buyers and please friend head start back the , we again in the trading inside ado, ) , to pay refusing any pieces , and any ~ pieces

baby photographed after please 24 hours the payment , such as not timely payment , the appearing duanhuo etc , the shopman h20 unaccountable . to do not buy photographed and talk , online trading on your , cherishthe please labor both sides !

zhifubao use ldquo . consignee satisfaction , seller to get money rdquo . protect your transaction security , let you shop no worries !

disclaimers : taobao display the baby information on supply by buyers provide , its genuineness , accuracy and legitimacy message published accountable . taobao doesn’t offer guarantee , do not take any legal responsibility . taobao friendly reminder : to protect your interests , please online deal or , valuableness baby , please use trade .

book shop recommended zhifubao , , trading such as no alipay can choose to send directly trading , please contact us !

Pour : congruence good paragraph after the need inform seller , seller approved shippable !

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