New 3.2v 310ah lifepo4 battery diy 12v 24V 36V not 280ah for electric car solar energy storage system RV Can make boat batteries

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[Product specifications]
Battery type: lithium iron phosphate
Model: 3.2v 310Ah
Shell Material: Aluminum
Nominal voltage: 3.2V
Rated capacity: 310Ah
Internal resistance: 0.1~0.3mΩ
Recommended constant current: 155A (0.5C)
Discharge cut-off voltage: 2.5V
Recommend constant current: 310A (1C)
Maximum charging voltage: 3.65V
Maximum continuous discharge current: 310A (1C)
Max. discharge current: 3C
Constant current: 155A (0.5C)
Charging method: CC / CV
Charging voltage: 3.65V
Cycle life: 4000 times (80% DOD)
Battery weight: 5.3KG
Size: 210 * 175 * 70mm
Charging temperature: -10~45°C
Discharge temperature: -25~65°C

Application range:
Solar energy storage system solar power ups motor starting battery, Electric cars, Engine start batteries, power tools, golf carts, touring cars, electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, power tools, solar storage,wind energy systems, LED Street lamp, Backup system and UPS, mobile devices, backup power supplies, RV, caravans, inverter, etc.
Passenger cars and commercial plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV)
Passenger cars and commercial battery electric vehicles (BEV)

Shipping list:
3.2V 310Ah Battery
Copper sheet

This product is brand new and original, and the battery pack can be DIY if the voltage is normal.

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1pcs 310Ah, 2pcs 310Ah, 4pcs 310Ah