MPPT Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller 12V/24V 300W/400W/600W Wind Energy Solar Panel Battery Pack diy Solar RV home System

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Mppt Wind & Solar Hybrid Controller

W:wind Controller
S:solar Controller

Fan breeze charging, MPPT boost intelligent regulation.
The PWM stepless unloading of the fan, the external unloader and the solar energy intelligent disconnecting and charging.
Controller dual power supply function: battery solar power supply.
LCD displays battery, fan, solar energy, load voltage and current and other parameter information, some parameters can be set.
LCD liquid crystal display in English and Chinese, clear and intuitive, clear at a glance.
Dual load output, 4 working modes can be adjusted.
High performance stable chip control.
The internal circuit board of the controller is sprayed with three anti-paint and can be dust-proof, moisture-proof and anti-static.
Complete protection function:
Please read this user manual carefully before installation. The installation process needs to be operated by professional and technical personnel
Before installation and maintenance, ensure that the controller is in a safe and uncharged state!
Please install the controller in a dirt-free, dry and ventilated place, and avoid Rain Water infiltration and direct sunlight.
When installing in the cabinet, there should be enough space around the controller or reliable heat dissipation through the box. Stay away from corrosive gases and strong electromagnetic interference.
The installation site should be convenient for personnel to carry out installation, electrical connection and later maintenance and maintenance.

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W 100w S 200w 12v, W 200w S 100w 12v, W 300w S 200w 12v, W 200w S 300w 12v, W 400w S 600w 24v, W 600w S 400w 24v