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Specifications:Solar charger is the photoelectric conversion equipment which converts light energy into electrical energy, the principle of the solar charger is through the light electricity switch board converts light energy into …

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mobile power bank 5600mah solar charger backup bateria externa portable charger powerbank carregador de bateria portatil

Solar charger is the photoelectric conversion equipment which converts light energy into electrical energy, the principle of the solar charger is through the light electricity switch board converts light energy into electrical energy and stored in the built-in capacity lithium battery, and then through the control circuit output the power in the built-in lithium battery to charge for mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3, MP4 and other digital products;The solar charger without sunshine for a long time, can also through the mains(AC100V-240V) to charge for the built-in lithium battery, and is suitable for travel, tourism, travel to ship, field operation environment standby power.



1.Especially suitable for emergency situations when you work or travel in the wild, or power failure,environmental protection solar charger will make your phone anytime and anywhere is in working status, let you constantly keep in touch with your friends and family;
2.Easy to use wherever and whenever, you can be very convenient to charge your mobile phone;
3.Efficient charging your phone for 60 minutes, can get 100-150 minutes of talk time or 24 hours of standby time;
4.Environmental protection and energy saving green energy,your contribution to environmental protection.







Solar panel:0.4W

Full compatibility:compatible with mainstream mobile devices

Cell types:High quality polymer lithium ion batteries

Appearancematerial:Aluminum alloy shell

Color:send randomly







Protection function:prevent short circuit, over current, over charge and discharge, under-voltage protection


Charging method:
1.put solar panels up, placed in direct sunlight,strong sunshine offline about 10-14 hours can be full of, depend on the sunlight intensity;
2.Use the utility (AC110V-240V) to charger, about 4 hours can be filled.


Warm prompt:
1.Please don’t use sharp objects scraped surface of solar panels;
2.Use solar energy to charger, please put solar panels up, placed in direct sunlight, to ensure the best charging effect;
3.Please don’t put the charger in outdoor in wet weather.



1.Metal shell,ultra-thin design,intelligent technology,fine grade;

2.the large capacity:2600 mah high capacity lithium ion batteries; protection:is equipped with a special lithium protection board, effectively prevent overcharge, discharge, over current, short circuit, etc.;
4.durable:charge and discharge cycles over 500 times;
5.plug and play:use USB power supply output port, plug in cable can realize portable charging at any time.


Method of use:
1.Charge for mobile power supply:
First:the USB end connected to computer or other USB adapter;move the other end of the power cord connected to the power input port.When charging,the LED light  display green, green light goes out, explain the internal battery is filled, can stop the charging.(suggest not discharge when charging, charging time about 4 hours);
Second: the product can be charged under the sun, use solar panels to convert solar energy into electricity directly to charge products.When charging,the LED light  display green, green light dies, that is full of internal battery, can stop the charging.
2.Charge for mobile phone and other digital devices:(as long as it is with 5V adapter any digital equipment can use the mobile power charging) USB ports of the data line connect with the mobile power supply output port;the other end of the cable by matching the charging interface connected to the mobile phone or other digital products, LED lights red when charging, see the charging instructions on mobile phones or other digital device, charging is normal.


About mobile power supply maintenance
Above all, want to often use mobile power supply
Every once in a while for the mobile power supply to complete a full charge and discharge.It is best to once a month.For the first time, when using mobile power has charged to 50% capacity can be used directly, daily use as far as possible avoid full set.
How to properly maintain mobile power
Secondly, mobile power supply if not for a long time, the best charge storage, state reserve 50% of electricity for the best.Full charge deposit will reduce the service life;No charge storage battery will happen over discharge, adverse to the mobile power supply.
Again, pay attention to the environment suitable for storage.
The environment temperature should be relatively stable, and stored in room temperature environment as far as possible.Avoid high temperature, away from heat source, also cannot be stored in low temperature environment;Avoid contact metal materials, unnecessary short circuit;The environment should be ventilated dry, humidity is small.
How to properly maintain mobile power
Finally, try to reduce the mechanical vibration of mobile power supply, avoid collisions, trample, hammer, or puncture the built-in battery shell with sharp object.
These behaviors can cause performance degradation of mobile power supply and safety accidents.Do not remove the mobile power supply.

Package Contents:

1 x 5600mAh Power Bank Emergency Battery


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