Mini Emergency Hand Crank Generator Solar Flashlight Rechargeable LED Light Lamp Torch


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-Emergency LED flashlight With Built-In Rechargeable battery, store energy in for a long time, NO external battery needed!
-High conversion efficiency, Cranking for 6 mins gives an hour light, Ready for the uncertain world
-Cla.ssic Design, Durable, Army Green vs Dim Gray,Outdoor Survival Gear, Best Gift for BirthDay
-With A Quick to Use Carabiner Clip, Clip it on your backpack and take it for camping hiking climing etc.
-Brand New, Guaranteed by MECO! 40 days money back guarantee!
-Never Run Out of Powered! & Store hours of energy to Light
-Place the torchlight in the sun or under any artificial light and it will collect and store hours of energy to light even the Low solar Radiation areas
-What if the battery drains in darkness where no lights can be utilized Just turning the crank to recover from the deep darkness!
-Highly efficient use of energy with 1 minute of cranking providing 10 minutes of light. (>2 rps)
-Clas.Sic Design Portable Flashlight
-Army Green vs Dim Gray,Popular Fashion OutSport Style.
-With A Quick to Use Carabiner Clip design and small size, this mini flashlight is a great company for outdoor
-Clip it to your backpack, take it to camping, hiking, climbing etc.
-Compact and ready to go, this light never needs batteries
-Cranking restores the rechargeable NiMH batteries to their charged state
-This light is an excellent solution for extended powered outages and situations where the light will be stored for a long period of time

Product name: Flashlight
Color: Green and Black
Size: Approx. 124x45x32mm/4.88"x1.77"x0.25"
Weight: 86g

Package Include:
1x MECO LED flashlight

Item Weight: 113g

Product Dimensions:15 x 5.1 x 6.1 cm




Mini Emergency Hand Crank Generator Solar Flashlight Rechargeable LED Light Lamp Torch

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