LED Solar Light Separable with wire ,solar Panel Powered Emergency Bulb sunlight powered

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1. Working principle of solar emergency bulb:

The solar light control lamp is a solar battery that absorbs sunlight during the day and converts it into electrical energy to be stored in the rechargeable battery inside the lamp body. Power saving, green and convenient and simple.

2, solar emergency bulb product advantages:

Solar emergency bulb energy saving, green lighting, long life, durability, low fault repair rate, high radiation stability, simple installation, easy to use, no adjustment, energy saving and convenient, make your home more beautiful and intelligent.

3, solar emergency bulb use range:

Solar emergency bulbs are suitable for indoor corridors, garden gates, rooftop terraces, courtyard wall villas, shop windows, shops, homes and other indoor and outdoor environments. They do not require wiring, no electricity, exquisite craftsmanship and unique taste.


Solar panel size: 6*9CM

Solar panel power: 1W

Battery capacity: 800MAH

Voltage: 1.2V

Number of beads: 12 PCS

Lamp power: 3W

Brightness: 110LM

Charging time: 9-8 hours

Lighting duration: 6-8 hours

Working mode: button switch control

Packing size: 13*7*7CM

Package weight: 0.14KG

Package Included:

1 x Solar Power Emergency Bulb

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