LED Solar Light Outdoor Lamp String Lights For Holiday Christmas Party Waterproof


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Solar light string with light sensor control function.
After turning on the switch button, put the light
in a dark place, or at night, the light will automatically turn on.
If the lights are flashing in the constant light mode, it is because the solar pad need to be charged.
Put the product in the sun to charge for more than 6 hours before using the product.

Product name: Solar Light String
Product size:
Please note that the total length includes the lead length and the light wire length, the lead length is about 2 meters.

Product model: 8 modes
Mode 1:Combination
Mode 2:In wave
Mode 3:Sequential
Mode 4:Slow Glow
Mode 5:Chasing/Flash
Mode 6:Slow Fade
Mode 7:Twinkle/Flash
Mode 8:Steady

Product light color: White, Warm White, Multicolor, Blue
Wire color: Brass wire, Silver wire
Battery: 7M/12M 600MAH ,22M 800MAH ,32M/42M/52M 1200MAH
Application: Festival, Christmas, Wedding, Party, Restaurant, Hotel, KTV, Shop window, Courtyard home decoration

1 * solar light + 1 * solar pad
1 * solar light + 1 * solar pad + 1 * remote control

1) Since the power of the solar panel is affected by the light intensity, the continuous lighting time of the light string will vary depending on factors such as weather conditions, seasonal changes, geographical location and so on.
2) Only when “ON / OFF” is adjusted to “ON” state, the light string can be charged during the day and light at night.
3) The product can be protected from rain, but it cannot be immersed in water directly.
4) Please do not violently hit or beat this product to avoid damage.
5) One end of the plunger is very sharp, please pay attention to safety when using it. Never let children use this product.

LED Solar Light Outdoor Lamp String Lights For Holiday Christmas Party Waterproof

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Brass-warm white, Brass-white, Brass-multicolor, Brass-blue, Silver-warm white, Silver-white, Silver-multicolor, Silver-blue, Brass-warm-control, Brass-white-control, Brass-multi-control, Silver-warm-control, Silver-white-control, Silver-multi-control


7M-50LED, 12M-100LED, 22M-200LED, 32M-300LED, 42M-400LED, 52M-500LED

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