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10W 12V polycrystallinesolar panel system photovoltaic solar panel Forsmall home lightingsystem, For RV , For cabin, For telecom station,For any12V DC load China Stock Package inlcude …

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hot* 10w solar panel with 3a controller and battery clips, 10w 12v solar system


10W 12V polycrystalline solar panel system photovoltaic solar panel For small home lighting system, For RV , For cabin, For telecom station,For any 12V  DC load


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Package inlcude                                                                              


1.1pcs 10w poly solar panel with 1m cable

2. 1pcs 3A 12V/24V solar charge controller

3. 2m extension cable with battery clips




1. Can be applied to varies DC appliance, Ideal for everyday use

2. Less than 2kgs, small in size and easy to take

3. Water-proof solar panel with long lasting aluminum frame provides over 20 years lifespan.

4. 3A 12V/24V PWM charge controller, overcharge and over discharge protection for the battery

5. Battery clips with 2m extension wire, easy and convenient for operation.






1. 10w poly solar panel

Related power 10W
Voc 20.6V
Vop 17.3V
Short circuit current (Isc) 0.69A
Working current (Iop) 0.58A
Output Tolerance ±3%
Temperate coefficient of Isc (010+/- 0.01 )%/ degree
Temperate coefficient of Voc – (0.38 +/-0.01 )%/ degree
Temperate coefficient of power Voc -0.47%/degree
Temperature range -40 degree to +80degree
Frame Heavy duty aluminum
Kind of connection waterproof junction box, can be customized
Guarantee of power 90% within 10 years  80 within 25 years
Kind of glass and its thickness Low Iron, high transparency tempered glass of 3.2mm
SLA Battery Voltage 12V
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm 337 ×204 x 18



2. 3A solar charge controller

Technical Parameter 12V 24v
Max charge current 3A 3A
Max load current 6A 6A
Over discharge protection 10.8V(±0.2V) 21.6V
Reset 12V(±0.2V) 24V (±0.2V)
Over charger protection 14.5V/29V 14.5V/29V
Float charge 13.8V (±0.2V) 27.6V(±0.2V)
Temperature compensation/degree  -27 -27
Self consumption 1.5mA 3mA
Waterproof IP22 IP22
Operating temperature -20 to +60degree  -20 to +60degree
LED charging indicator Yes Yes







The 10W solar panel system widely applied to DC LED lights, battery, camping, picnic and other uses. The solar panel is with good resistance to climate, preventing wind, hail. It can effectively resist corrosion of moisture and salt fog, and can produce high efficient power and energy.






Connection and disconnection order

Connection order, First step: Connect the battery to the solar charge controller, second

step: connect the solar panel to the controller. The last step: connect the load to the controller.

Disconnect order, first step: disconnect the load with solar charge controller, second step: disconnect the controller with solar panel, the last step: disconnect the batter with the solar charge controller.

Cleaning Panels
Use warm water and a soft sponge or cloth to clean your panel and keep the controller dry.


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Polycrystalline Silicon

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Fujian, China (Mainland)