Ckkgtt Solar Charger, Phone/tablet/power Bank/camera/aaa Battery, 5~6W/dual Usb/foldable/portable -80% Off Expedited … #3990-Olivia

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Don’t be fooled by cheap tiny solar charger!
Wait him solar charged your phone, you wait forever!
Look for solar charger that REALLY …

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ckkgtt solar charger, phone/tablet/power bank/camera/aaa battery, 5~6w/dual usb/foldable/portable -80% off expedited shipping-



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Don’t be fooled by cheap tiny solar charger!

Wait him solar charged your phone, you wait forever!

Look for solar charger that REALLY WORKS, look at the fact:



                                 Fully Charged an iPhone in 3 hours sun!



Tiny Solar Charger                                            CKK&GTT

NO:  Only 0.5W solar panel!                               YES:  5~6W solar panel!
NO:  Takes 40~60 hours to be charged!            
Fully charged an iPhone in 3 hours!
NO:  Battery is dangerous under hot sun!          
Your phone is away from sun heat!



Canvas Solar Charger                                      CKK&GTT

0.5meters! Bigger than backpack!              
Size as a CD case! Just right!
0.7kg! Heavier than stone!                          
Only 230g! Lighter than phone!
None-Smart! Interrupted anytime!               
Unique Smart-Control-Chips!



None-Smart                                                        Smart-Control

Sunlight may be shaded by clouds,tres,buildings during the way.
Some device like iPhone will stop charging even if the shade disapeared.
CKK&GTT smart control chips will auto-activate device and keep charging.
Note: CKK&GTT solar charger is the only one with Smart Control Chips.



Internal Battery                                                  Device Battery

Very high tempreture under sun!                
Your phone is away from sun heat!
Inner battery will be very dangerous!          
Solar-Phone, once conversion loss!
Solar-Battery-Phone, 80%*80% loss!         
Flexible to phone or power bank!





Most Advanced High Efficiency Solar Cell
Superior 18.8% high efficiency monocrystalline 
solar cells which made by the most advanced 
diffusion technology and
PECVD technology in 
the world armed Sernal up to 6W summit power 
output and 1200mA current. No matter in cloudy 
days or sunny days, Sernal is always full of 


Best Transparent & Lightweight Board
The most admirable transparent lightweight 
material so far as we know, who got higher 
light transmittance (>92%),
while got only 
half weight of traditional glass. None the less, 
the tensile strength and shock strength is as 
much as
7~18 times of traditional glass. More 
light transmitting, higher strength and less 


Unique B2B Cold Packing Technology
Other than traditional high pressure and 
temperature lamination, we created the “B2B 
cold packing” technology which
had made the 
solar cell free from the unfavorable high 
pressure and temperature engineering process. 
And it’s
absolutely green to environment.


Smart Charge Control Center
We designed a very smart charge control circuit 
with micro-chips for Sernal to avoid charge 
interruption problem. If a
shadow appears like a 
cloud or even a person walking in front of the 
solar panel, some phones may stop charging 
will not restart. Smart charge control center 
takes care of this by doing a charger reset 
automatically. No matter clouds,
buildings, trees 
etc., as long as Sernal sees sun, charge will 


Magic Kaleido-hole
Simple is the best. We designed four holes 
on four corners which you can easily mount 
your Sernal in hundreds of ways.
Using a 
string to mount on your backpack, using 
suckers to mount on the window (front of 
the window is better), using
fibula to mount 
on cloth…


Standard Dual USB Ports
Perfectly integrate the most widely used 
USB-A ports has made Sernal very 
convenient to use and with a pleasing look 
at the same time. Just plug in the cable with 
your device and you will see it is charging. 
None the less, you can charge
two devices 
at a time with Sernal’s powerful output.


Free in Water and Rain
Assembled by unique seamless technology, 
let you free in water sports and when rain 
comes. The water resistance
pressure can 
be as much as 2 meters. (But, please note 
if your device is waterproof)







1. Backpack Packing: Open the CKK&GTT 
on the top of the backpack so that more 
sunlight can be received. Fix it by rope or 
2. Bycicle Packing: Open CKK&GTT on the 
backseat. Fix it by quickdraw or rope. Use 
a USB male to female cable for extension.






Connector Type

USB Type “A”

Open Circuit Voltage (solar)

5.5 -6.0V

Closed Circuit Current (solar)


Output Voltage (USB)


Output Current (USB)


Output Power

5-6 watts


Tested to 160F/ 71C


Bright LED

Dimensions (open)

11.6” x 5.8” / 29..5 x 14.9 cm

Dimensions (closed)

6.1” x 5.8” / 15.6 x 14.9 cm


8 oz / 230 g

Weather and corrosion resistant



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I charge my phone or tablet from CKK&GTT solar charger?
A: CKK&GTT solar charger support 99% of phones and tablets in the market. If your device can be charged from 
computer USB port, it should be chargeable from CKK&GTT. If not, pls contact us foradvice. Pls make sure if your 
device is supported through the above method, otherwise we shall donot aliable for any incovinient caused.
Q: How much mAH CKK&GTT solar charger got?
A: There is no internal battery in CKK&GTT solar charger, it cannot store electricity. There is two reason why it got 
no internal battery: Firstly, it will be very hot under the blazing sun for quite a long time, this is very dangerous for 
Lithium Battery. Secondly, if we can convert the solar energy to elec-tricity and store it in phone battery directly, 
why should we store it in internal battery and transfer to phone, this will have twice convertion loss. For storage, 
we can store spare solar into power bank.
Q: How long it will take to charge my phone or tablet?
A: The charging time is determined by sunlight condition and it may different on diffirent devices.The video pasted 
was tested on a sunny day in Shanghai, it charged an iPhone4 from 10% to 100% in 2.5 hours. Stronger sunlight 
usually means faster speed, Bigger mAH of battery usually means longer time required, and big current charging 
device usually faster in charging. None the less, proper operation skill is also a important aspect for fast charging, 
pls calfurlly read the User Manual before operating.
Q: Why there is charging sound and the screen will be on every few minutes during charging?
A: Sunlight may be shade by clouds, trees, buildings, etc. some device like iPhone and iPad may stop charging 
when shaded and will not recover even if the shade dispear. In order to make sure charging will not be corrupted, 
we designed a special smart chip to control the charing, and it will reset and activate iPhone or iPad every 2~3 
minute. It does not mean thers is any problem with CKK&GTT or your device. Adjust the screen to 15% lightness 
or lower is recommend when charging.
Q: What color can I got for CKK&GTT solar charger?
A: There are both ‘white’and ‘transparent’type photos in description, but we only got ‘white’ color available now, 
pls acknowledged.
Q: Why there is small burning spots on solar cells?
A: The small ‘burning spot’is called sintering spot, they are occured during the solar cell production.It is usually 
very small on the edge of solar cell and it is normal phinominen. There are usually only two on each side and have 
no influence to performance.
Q: Other questions?
A: Please find the ‘FAQ’Charpter on User Manual or write email to us.




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Additional Information


Emergency / Portable

Compatible Brand

Universal Charger for Phone, Tablet, Power Bank, Camera etc.

Brand Name


Battery Capacity(mAh)


Socket Type


Model Number



White or Transparent

Solar Cell

Suntech Mono crystalline

Output Power


Output Voltage


Output Current


Connector Type

Dual USB-A

Dimensions (open)

11.6 x 5.8 in / 29..5 x 14.9 cm

Dimensions (closed)

6.1 x 5.8 in / 15.6 x 14.9 cm


8 oz / 230 g

Weather And Corrosion Resistant