99000mAh Solar Battery Pack Wireless Power Bank LED Light Powerbank Portable

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99000mAh Solar Battery Pack Wireless Power Bank LED Light Powerbank Portable 4USB Mobile Phone Charger for Xiaomi Samsung IPhone

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【Features】1. The battery is brand new and has high durability. Use it directly without re-pairing. 2. Features: high safety performance, no explosion, no burning; non-toxic, no pollution; good uniformity, long service life, can be cycled more than 2000 times; high temperature resistance, overload resistance 3. Safety: The battery is very safe and will not cause fire, explosion or other incidents. This product is suitable for power tools, airplane models, etc., as well as some electrical appliances that require high current loads and high cycle performance. Applicable types: mobile phones, computers, flashlights, LED lights, high bay lights, lighting products, backup power supplies, mobile equipment, automobiles, bicycles, Communication, medical treatment, energy storage, solar energy, military industry and other industries.

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