8pcs Liitokala 3.2V 100Ah Battery LiFePO4 Lithium phospha Large capacity DIY 12V 24V Electric car RV Solar Energy storage system

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Product parameters:

Nominal Capacity: 100Ah
Dellvery Capacity: ≥95Ah
Nominal Vollage: 3.2V
Delivery voltage: 3.03-3.10V (3% charged state)
Charge Voltage: 2.5~3.65V
Standard charging current:   0.5C
Maximum charging curront:  1.0C
Standard discharging curront:  0.5C
Maximum discharging current: Continuous discharge: 1C,
Pulse discharge: 10s 2.0C
Internal resistance of single cell: ≤1.5mm
Charge/Charge:  1-45°C (low temperature charging efficiency will affect battery life)
Dschargel discharge:  -20°-55°C
Sorage temperature for a long time : -30°-60°C
Thickness:   34.8+2.0mm
Width:  135.0±1.0mm
Height: 192.0±1.0mm (excluding pole; including pole 197mm)
Pole spacing: 89.0±0.5mm
Weight:  1.82±0.1kg
Shipping list: 3.2V 100Ah battery*8PCS
Copper sheet

Long-term storage at -30°C-60°C should not exceed half a year, and it must be charged once every half a year. The battery with a protective plate is charged once every 3 months.
Assembling Battery Pack:
 Do not allow impact, high temperature or contact with sharp parts during battery assembly
1. It is strictly forbidden to directly solder leads or equipment to the battery·
2) The pole piece should be spot-welded to the battery first when welding the lead wire. It is directly welded to the electric heat. The heat generated will damage the electrical isolator and insulator.
3. There should be enough insulating layer for safety protection between battery and lead. The packaging of the battery should not cause a short circuit that could cause a fire in the garden.
4. It is forbidden to dismantle, do not dismantle any electrical port.
Demolition of the power plant will cause short circuit inside the battery, lead to fire, explosion, harmful gas or other problems. 2) The electrolyte has apricot

nd ask for help.


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