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60A 12V/24V/48V MPPT solar charge controller with LCD display and RS232 interface to communicate with computer Part 1. Description of product: This is a smart solar charge controller which has advanced MPPT technology .Solar charge …

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Product Description

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60a mppt solar charge controller 60a with lcd led display and rs232 interface to communicate with computer

60A 12V/24V/48V MPPT solar charge controller with LCD display and RS232 interface to communicate with computer

Part 1. Description of product:

This is a smart solar charge controller which has advanced MPPT technology .Solar charge controller is one of the important parts in the off-grid solar system. For having the advanced MPPT technology, the controller can trace the peak power with 99% conversion efficiency. MPPT microprocessor, inside the controller,making 30% more charge current with significantly less power than tradition. In addition to this, easier installing and supporting to expand volume are other advantages. It can also store energy to different kinds of batteries. We provide battery choice(Vented, Sealed, Gel, NiCd).

Part 2. Product features:

  1. MPPT charge mode,conversion efficiency up to 99%,can save 30%~60% of the power than traditional controller.
  2. With high efficient MPPT operation scheme and adopting TI28035 chip,make the Solar panels utilization rate up to 99%.
  3. Intelligent design,the device can be upgraded online,customers enjoy the lifelong upgrade service.
  4. Compliance with the 2002/95/EC environment protecting demand, doesn’t include the Cadmium, hydride and fluoride.
  5. Adopting the well-known brand components,the devices can suffer the temperature not less than 105°C.The service life is designed to extend to 10 years in theory.
  6. Three stages charge mode(fast charge,constant charge,floating charge)
  7. 12V/24V/48V system auto recognize for easy control.
  8. Nominal maximum solar input is DC 150V
  9. Connected Battery Type choosing: Sealed lead acid, vented, Gel, NiCd battery. Other types of the batteries can also be defined.
  10. LCD and LEDs show all kinds of parameter like products model, PV input voltage,battery voltage,charge current,charge power,work condition,and also can add customers’company name and website.
  11. Communication Port.RS232 communication can provide communication protocol, This make the unified and integrated management more convenient to customers.
  12. With providing a Microsoft by connecting with PC that can show the working state and all parameters in 7 languages.
  13. Extensible LAN remote control.
  14. Equipment integrity: controller with one CD-ROM(microcomputer software) with one communication wire and Anderson terminals;
  15. CE,ROHS,FCC,PSE certifications approved.The device also can support to pass the other certifications.
  16. 2 years warranty. And 3~10 years extended warranty service also can be provided.

Part 3. Technical Data:

12v,24v, 48v Automatic recognition 12V 24V 48V
Input System Voltage DC9V~DC15V DC18V~DC30V DC36V~DC60V
MPPT Working Voltage and Range DC18V~DC150V DC34~DC150V DC65~DC150V
Low Voltage Input Protection Point DC16V DC30V DC60V
Low Voltage Input Recovery Point DC22V DC34V DC65V
Max. PV Power 2270W 2800W 3400W
Max DC Voltage DC160V
Input Overvoltage Protection Point DC150
Input Overvoltage Recovery Point DC145V
Output Battery Types Sealed lead acid, vented, Gel, NiCd battery(Other types of the batteries also can be defined)
Constant Voltage and Floating Charge Voltage Please check the charge voltage according to the battery type form.
Over Charge Protection Voltage 14.6V 29.2V 58.4V
Rated Output Current 60A 60A 60A
Current-limiting Protection 66A 66A 66A
Temperature Factor ±0.02%/°C
Temperature Compensation 14.2V-(The highest temperature-25°C)*0.3
Output Ripples(peak) 200mV
Output Voltage Stability Precision ≤±1.5%
Display LCD display Input,output parameter and output power etc(check the LCD display instruction)
3 LEDs indicates:Fault indicate light,charge indicate light,power source indicate light(check the LED instruction)
Software Control through PC(communication port) RS232 (matching) or LAN(optional)

Part 4. Protection:

  1. Input Low Voltage Protection: Check the input characteristics
  2. Input Overvoltage Protection : Check the input characteristics
  3. Input Polarity Reversal Protection:Yes
  4. Output Overvoltage Protection: Check the output characteristics
  5. Output Polarity Reversal Protection: Yes
  6. Short-circuit Protection: Recover after eliminating the Short-circuit fault,no problem for long term Short-circuit
  7. Temperature Protection: 95°C ( Above 85°C,decrease the output power,decrease 3A per degree).

Part 5.  Safety :

  1. Safety standard: CE,RoHS, PSE,FCC
  2. EMC: EN61000
  3. Ingress Protection: IP21 

Part 6. Packing and weight and color:

  1. Product size: 270*185*90 mm
  2. Packing size:    40*35*25 mm
  3. Net Weight: 3 KGS/PC
  4. Grow Weight: 4KGS/PC
  5. Body Color : Green or Blue(optional)

Part 7. Operating Environment:

  1. Humidity: 0~90%RH ( no condense)
  2. Altitude: 0~3000m
  3. Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ +40°C
  4. Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ +75°C
  5. Atmospheric Pressure: 70~106kPa 

Part 8. Others:

  1. Noise: ≤40dB
  2. Thermal methods: Forced air cooling,fan speed rate regulated by temperature,when inner temperature is too low,fan ran slowly or stop;when controller stop working,fan also stop ran.
  3. Components: World brand raw materials. Compliance with EU standards.All rated temperature of electrolytic capacitors not less than 105°C
  4. Smell : No peculiar smell and toxic substances.
  5. Environment Protection : Meet the 2002/95/EC,no cadmium hydride and fluoride
  6. Soft Start Time : ≤10S
  7. Dynamic Response and Recovery Time : 500us
  8. Conversion Efficiency : ≥96.5%,≤99%
  9. PV Modules Utilization Rate : ≥99%

Part 9. Product photos:


blue color MPPT solar charge controller.jpgGreen color MPPT solar charge controller2.jpgbottom and top view.jpg

2. Internal structure diagram

Display information and master board2.jpg

3. Monitoring software

photos 010.jpgphotos 007.jpgphotos 008.jpg 

4. Commercial Packing

Color box packing 01.jpgColor box packing 02.jpgColor box packing 03.jpgCOLOR BOX PACKAGE.JPG


Part 8. About US

Mars Rock has the abundant technical strength, the independent research and development of modern production base, advanced production equipment, and a group of first-class r&d engineers and sales personnel. We strictly according to ISO9001/2000 international quality system operation. Device type selection of procurement, product manufacturing, quality control, product after-sales service have been formed such as strict, rigorous, standardized management procedures. MPPT controller product has passed TUV, CE, FC, CB, CSA international certification authority; Has been widely used in electric power, fire control, transportation, finance, construction and other fields, products are exported to Europe, Asia, the americas, Australia, Africa, and many other countries.

Part 9.  Financial plan of big order for our customers

The amount of every order is more than $100,000 per time, then we will consider to accept OA, LC, DP, DA payment ways. But you must obtain a credit rating from Alibaba firstly. Detailed operating, please contact your local financial services centre of Alibaba.

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Additional Information




Charger Controller

Maximum Current


Brand Name


Model Number


Rated Voltage



LCD (input and output parameter)+3 LED

Available Color:

Green, Blue(optional)

Charge Model:

MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking)

Charge Stages:

3(fast charge/MPPT,constant voltage,floating)

Temperature Factor:


Battery Types:

Sealed lead acid, vented, Gel, NiCd etc.




RS232, LAN(optional)



Working Current: