51 SCM Intelligent Water Heater Control System Design DIY Water Level Kit Design Solar Energy


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Package 1: Parts of the universal board
Package 2: finished multi-purpose board
Package 3: Parts of copper clad laminate
Package 4: Finished copper clad laminate

Hardware composition: MCU + minimum system + temperature acquisition module + LCD1602 liquid crystal display module + relay drive module + water level control module + buzzer module + LED indicator module + button module + infrared remote control module
1. Use LCD1602 liquid crystal display, DS18B20 waterproof temperature sensor to measure the temperature, the liquid crystal display current temperature, temperature upper and lower limits and appointment time (internal timer of single chip microcomputer);
2. Infrared remote control and manual button dual input to set parameters, more convenient, fast and practical;
3. The appointment time (min) can be displayed and set, and the number of minutes after the appointment can be arbitrarily set to turn on the water heater system control, which is more intelligent and energy-saving;
4. When the temperature is lower than the lower limit, the relay pulls in, when the temperature is higher than the upper limit, the relay is disconnected, the relay can be connected to the load; (the default is no load, you can connect to the 220v heating rod)
5. Two water level sensors and LM393 voltage comparator are used to detect the upper and lower water level functions. The water is not heated and the water level control relay (upper) is activated to simulate the addition of water. When the water is added to the upper limit of the water level, the relay is turned off to stop adding water; (The default is no water pump, you can connect the water pump)
6. There are corresponding indicator lights when the water heater is working to heat and add water (red light indicates lack of water, yellow light indicates heating indicator light, green light indicates water addition indicator light), the whole system has a buzzer sound, to achieve sound and light prompt;
7. The buttons can set the control range of the water temperature. Five button functions: set, add, subtract, confirm, and the reset button alone;
Demo video: https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjQ3NzAzMzU1Ng==.html?spm=a2hzp.8253869.0.0
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51 SCM Intelligent Water Heater Control System Design DIY Water Level Kit Design Solar Energy

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