52X19mm Solar Cell Poly Crystalline Solar Panel Diy Kit Value Pack With 50’tab Wire+6’bus Wire+Flux … #8236-Avery

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40 pcs 52x19mm solar cell poly crystalline solar panel diy kit value pack with 50’tab wire+6’bus wire+flux pen#

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Solar cell + Tabbing wire + Bus wire +Flux pen 52x19mm cells for DIY solar panel



Package include:

1. 40 pieces 52x19mm solar cells. 

2.  52 feet Tabbing wire(2mm wide)

3.  9 feet Bus wire (5mm wide)

4. 1 piece flux pen

Function of the tabbing wire ,bus wire , flux pen
1. tabbing wire is used to connecting all the solar cells in serise, to solar array .we call 
    it is bridging so the power current can go through smoothly

2. bus wire

 is used to connecting all the solar cell array to a whole solar panel, we call bussing


3. Flux pen is used to help the tabbing wire and bus wire are soldered well onto the solar cell


Specification of solar cells:                                                                                                      


Average Power (Watts): 0.14 Wp 

Average Current (Amps): 0.28 Imax 

Average Voltage (Volts): 0.5 Vmax 

Solar Tabbing Wire
Width: 2mm
T of copper : 0.1mm
T of Tin : 0.03mm
Width range : ±0.1
Thickness error: ±0.01
 Bus Wire
Width: 5mm
T of copper : 0.1mm
T of Tin : 0.03mm
Width range : ±0.1
Thickness error: ±0.01
Flux Pen
No clean flux pen
No lead for environment friendly
Can be refilled
No hurt of your skin
Easy your solar panel DIY
It is fun to use
Application of Flux Pen
Solar cell tabbing and bus wiring
PCB board soldering
Electrical repairing
And many other soldering uses

Educational kit





We laser cutted the solar cell for your to DIY you own solar house.

All the solar cell will be sorted and tested before delivery
100% power output as we declared in the following,
We test solar cell by sun simulator, the most precise testing facility for your power output ensurance!
Here for selling is High efficiency 17.6% solar cell 2"*.75"(52mm*19mm) solar cell DIY solar panel value pack
2"*.75"(52mm*19mm) poly crystalline solar cell, multi-crystalline solar cell for educational kit, which can buit 1PCS 5W 18V solar panel by 36PCS 2"*.75"(52mm*19mm)solar cell only,
3 bars for tabling, easy to cut the size you wanted, many size you can make with these solar panel
These are B Grade with small minor cosmetic defect. The power of this cell can reach at lease 0.14W each.



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40 pcs 52x19mm





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Fujian, China (Mainland)