3.7V solar lawn light controller 6V12V solar column headlight controller solar light

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Solar lawn lamp circuit board: compatible with 3.7V lithium battery. 3.2V lithium iron phosphate battery. 6V12V lead acid battery. Charging current ≤ 3A. Discharging current ≤ 1A.

There is overcharge and over discharge protection. No need to add a protection board to the battery



1. Overcharge protection;

2. Over discharge protection;

3. Charging current ≤3A;

4. Load current ≤1.1A;

5. Output with self-recovery fuse;

6. Can be set to be always on or flashing;

7. The overall low power consumption design of the circuit board;

8. If necessary, you can customize the timing to turn off the lights;

9. Lead-acid batteries 6V, 12V, lithium iron 3.2V, lithium battery 3.7V can be used;

10. Anti-light interference function, after the light is turned on, the strong light will not turn off the light in about 5 seconds, and the light will turn off after 5 seconds

11. Light control or can be set to non-light control, the default light control, charging during the day, automatically lights at night;

12. The circuit board is controlled by single chip microcomputer to realize small volume and multi-function, circuit board size: 20mm * 35mm.


Applicable occasions:

1. Can be used in solar warning lights, solar strobe lights, solar street signs, solar guide signs, solar navigation lights and other places

2. Can be used for solar landscape lights, solar street lights, solar relays, solar monitoring, solar billboards, etc.

3. This circuit board does not have a light drive function. When low-cost driving is required, the self-recovery fuse on the circuit board can be replaced with a suitable resistance to drive the LED, but the following points need to be noted when applying this: It needs to be controlled within 1.1A; the second is that the power consumption and temperature rise of the current limiting resistor should be controlled within a reasonable range.


battery settings:

    For 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries and 3.7V single-cell lithium batteries, the circuit board automatically determines according to the voltage. For a 3.2V single-cell lithium iron phosphate battery, the voltage overlaps with a 3.7V single-cell lithium iron battery, so when using a 3.2V single-cell lithium iron phosphate battery, you need to set it manually.

    Circuit board. When the S2 short circuit point is open, it corresponds to lead acid 6V battery, lead acid 12V battery and single 3.7V lithium battery, and short circuit corresponds to single 3.2V lithium iron phosphate battery. S2 defaults to an open circuit state.

   This circuit board only supports the above four types of batteries, other batteries are not supported, please do not use other types of batteries,

If you need to use other types of batteries, please contact us to adjust the hardware and software accordingly.


flash settings:

The open circuit of S3 on the circuit board is long on, and the short circuit is flashing light. S3 defaults to open circuit. After short circuit S3, the flicker frequency is about 1Hz.


light control settings

     The default circuit board. S1 on the open state, the light control function is effective, that is, charging during the day, and automatically lights at night. After the short circuit S1, the light control function is invalid, that is, it is charged during the day and lights at night during the day.



3.7V solar lawn light controller 6V12V solar column headlight controller solar light

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