3.7V DIY infrared human induction Solar Light Board Control circuit board solar wall lamp

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1.Application batteryvoltage: 3.2V lithium iron phosphate battery/3.7V lithium battery.

Connecting a 3.2V lithium batteryrequires the battery's own protection boards

Connecting a 3.7V lithium battery does not require the battery's own protection board 

This circuit board has over-charge and over-discharge protection for 3.7V lithium batteries 

2. Application LEDvoltage: 2.8V-3.3V. Power <10w4

3. Aplication ofsolar panel power: 5V-6V/ <10W

4. Induction mode: light-controlled induction + PIR human induction+

5. Induction distance: 3-5M ( Ambient temperature afects sensing distance) 4

6. Induction time: 25 seconds

7. Working mode: induction highlight + low ilumination / induction highlight + off / continuous light control

Note: Please confirm the positive and negative connection points of the battery. If the connection is wrong, the circuit board will be damaged.

FAQ: If it doesn't light up or turn off after a few seconds after connection. Please check if the battery voltage is sufficient .. Or check if the connection cable between the battery and circuit board is firm

Whether the power of the LED exceeds the rated powers



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