2880W Home Solar System, Grid Tie Solar Energy System Includes 2880W Solar Panels And 2800W On Grid Solar … #4904-Chloe

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2880W Grid Tie Solar Power SystemAbout shipping1. This 2880w system kit is about 300kgs including package.2. It’ll be delivered by sea to the port near your address.3. "Free shipping" means sea freight is free, we’ll pay it.4. It …

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2880w home solar system, grid tie solar energy system includes 2880w solar panels and 2800w on grid solar inverter

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2880W Grid Tie Solar Power System


  • About shipping

1. This 2880w system kit is about 300kgs including package.

2. It’ll be delivered by sea to the port near your address.

3. "Free shipping" means sea freight is free, we’ll pay it.

4. It won’t be delivered by Express bcs cost is very high .



  • Aobut T-Sun

T-Sun Energy Co., Limited (www.tsunenergy.com) is one of the largest solar system integrator and supplier of solar panel, inverter, mounting system and etc. People from T-Sun Energy devote themselves to research, design, manufacture thousands of solar power systems on house, remote area worldwidely for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial clients.


  • System feature


Grid-tied solar system connects with state grid directly, you can use the power generated from the system or feed into grid. You don’t need any battery to store the power, it is more economic.




grid tie system


  • What we can supply


1. Cost effective price and best in class performance

2. One-stop shopping for your rooftop

3. Free Pre-sales technical support, including system design optimization

4. One-stop service from components purchase to logistics

5. Fast and accurate delivery

6. Wide range of kit solutions

7. One-stop after-sales service for the whole PV kit

8. Intelligent Mounting System design makes your job easier

9. Residential Rooftop Grid-tied PV System Reference Design (Customization Available)


  • 2880W grid tie solar system includes


  • Solar panel: 240Wp poly, 12pcs, CE/TUV certified



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  • Inverter: 2800W, 1pc, TUV certified






  • Mounting system: 1 set, for roof or ground


tile roof


tin roof


  • Cable: 1 set, connecting solar panels with inverter



1. System covers about 20 square meters roof or ground.

2. More or less power is based on sunshine condition.

3. System has five years warranty.

4. System output single phase 230V(196-260V) 50Hz.

5. System can be redesigned according to your demand.


  • About quality


1. All parts are produced according to CE, TUV, UL standard.

2. All parts with warranty card, in case there are any problem, you can contact us.

3. All parts will be packed by carton box /pallet to safe for sea shippment.

4. We’ll sign contract for every order.




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grid tie /on grid system

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