6V 12V 10A Auto Solar Panel Charge Controller Battery Charger Regulator Home Improvement

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Material: Plastic
System Voltage: 6V, 12V
Output Current: 10A
Power Range: ≤60W(6V), ≤120W(12V)
Overload, Short Circuit Protection: Yes
No-load loss: ≤5mA
Charge Loop Drop: ≤0.2V
Disharge Loop Drop: ≤0.1V
Protection Degree: IP30
Working Temperature: -40°~55°
Install and Method of Using:
Firstly, determine the controller output mode , the device factory default setting is normally open mode .if you need to set for the pure light control mode or light control plus timing mode, you need to open the enclosure through set dip switch, changing the discharge mode
When the key set “on” is 1, the key set “off” is 0, normally open, pure light control
Connecting the battery first. if correctly connected, battery indicator will light
Connecting the wire of the solar panel second. if the connection is correct, the indicator light of “charge”will be on or flash 10 seconds later after laying outside under the sun. otherwise, please check the connection
Making sure the solar energy panel is laid outdoors under the sunshine
Connecting the load at the end. if inversely connected, the led lamp may be damaged
Please pay attention to the anode and the cathode to avoid the inverse connection
Package Included:1* Auto Solar Charge Controller
Please allow minor error due to manual measurement.


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