1A 1.5A MAX 3.7V 7.4V 11.1V DIY Kits Solar Lamp Board Control Sensor Lithium Battery Charger Controller

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DIY Kits version : Include Module diy kits , don't include solar panel /led board /battery


it is DIY Solar charger,The welded picture is for reference only.


Note: Lithium batteries need to install a protection board.




Automatic charging during the day and automatically lights up at night!


Use the need for photosensitive resistors are less than the effect of light-sensitive control to open the light: a lot of friends are asking you how this control panel without photosensitive components (photosensitive resistors) The board is based on the solar panel as a lithium battery charge as a photosensitive Components to control the output, to achieve automatic charging during the day, dark night automatically light.


Applies to: low-power solar garden lights lawn lamp light string DIY small street lights and other low-power solar applications, charging and automatic switching control



Parameters: The control panel adaptive 4.2v (3.7), 8.4v (7.4), 12.6v (11.1), 16.8v (14.8) lithium battery with protective circuit


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